PCS is a social enterprise whose mission is to sustainably empower communities in their safety and well-being operational needs.

We Are PCS

We integrate with organizations and share capacity while they are in a period of growth or delivering new services and programs for their community. Our services are based on the assumption that communities collectively know what solution is the right fit in the face of safety and systemic issues. We endeavor to be a reliable resource for communities looking to develop their capacity through co-creation. We believe that the future of our world is one stewarded by empowered individuals who are supported to take ownership in their life and their community to live full and meaningful lives. Our social impact mission guides our practice:

“to sustainably empower communities in their safety and wellbeing through co-creation and social innovation; responding to changing community needs and requirements through internal continuing education…” 

Our five core offerings best outline the scope of the work we do and the capacities we carry. However, we also like to highlight past and ongoing projects that have emerged through our work with different communities to provide a well rounded overview of how we can support your community.

Our services

Social Responsibility (CSR)

We work with established organizations who are seeking ways to better support society and their community. As a social enterprise we can guide you through shifting to social procurement or help to modify your practices to be more in line with the needs of the community.

We work with your experienced professionals and provide the perspective of our experience developing socially impactful operations so that you can apply these lessons to your existing operations.

Capacity Development & Growth

We will work with your organization through ideation, planning, program development to implementation; from start to finish or meeting where you find yourself in your journey.

We work within your organization to develop and implement new operations, services, teams or departments from start to sustainable operation.

We will work within your community as they build their capacity and shift into leadership roles and take ownership over the organizational changes.

Safety & Security

We provide safety and security services exclusively to communities and organizations who are facing challenges in using currently available services. We address each operation with a customized approach, delivering services in the form of:

  • Organizational planning
  • Program management
  • Commercial security services (security guards)
  • Event safety personnel and planning
  • Event traffic management planning and training

Ideas Born in the Field

  • Supporting grassroots movements to create services that better address systemic safety issues in their community.
  • Notable example: Community Safety Hosts Initiative: PCS is a project partner performing the employment aspect of the Community Safety Host Initiative - an Indigenous led Security alternative for places of access in Winnipeg's inner city.
  • Culturally tailored approaches to de-escalation and internal planning.
  • Event traffic management & planning.
  • Leveraging community actors and local organizations for collaboration during large events such as annual parades.
  • Geographically dedicated, community embedded mobile security patrols that prioritize collaboration with local actors