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The Power of Radical Candor

April 15, 2024
Communication is an art. We all employ varying communication styles and abilities, sculpted by our personal experiences, affecting how we…
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Ensuring Fair Pay with a Living Wage

March 18, 2024
According to the CCPA’s website: “The living wage is defined as the minimum hourly wage necessary for each of two…
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Triumphant Milestone: CSH Initiative Celebrates A Second Graduation

December 21, 2023
Initially started with just three graduates two years ago, who completed their practicum with a single site partner – Winnipeg…
Featured image for “Unveiling the Power of Social Impact: 10 Steps to Measure and Maximize It”

Unveiling the Power of Social Impact: 10 Steps to Measure and Maximize It

November 6, 2023
In a world where conscious capitalism and corporate social responsibility are beginning to take the stage, the concept of social…
Featured image for “Measuring the Impact of Trauma-Informed Security Practices (Case Study)”

Measuring the Impact of Trauma-Informed Security Practices (Case Study)

October 2, 2023
In the realm of public-facing professions, a paradigm shift is underway—one that prioritizes empathy, understanding, and trauma-informed practices. This transformative…
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A Day In The Life

March 13, 2023
A Community Safety Host brings their lived experience to work with them. A history of navigating barriers provides them with…
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Community Safety Host Program

December 7, 2021
PCS is a project partner, providing the current employment component of the Community Safety Hosts initiative, which is led by…
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Safe Failure

July 29, 2021
Sometimes failure can positively influence an individuals’ performance at work and improve their work efficiency. However, it is important to…
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Pick Your MVP

July 22, 2021
In the world of social impact, we go out of our way to give equitable opportunity to everybody at the…
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Authority is Overrated

July 15, 2021
Authority is often needed, but, it should never be the first thing we defer to. There are many better tools…
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Kicking Stones

July 8, 2021
With the realities of life during the last year, “just kicking stones” has really taken on a whole new meaning……