About Us

Who we are

We are an organization with a social vocation specializing in community safety and well-being.

We offer innovative and sustainable solutions for community safety and well-being.

We assist government institutions, community organizations, social enterprises and private companies to improve their ability to solve community, safety, and security issues.

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Our vision

We exist to empower vulnerable communities and resolve safety and community issues in new and sustainable ways with the mission of reinventing community well-being through security and social innovation to create positive and lasting change.

We want to break away from the classic vision of security, which is fear-driven and a source of control and punishment.

We want security to be seen as a positive and integral part of well-being that blends perfectly and seamlessly into the community.

What We Do?

Let’s work together!

Benefit from the expertise and experience of a team specializing in community safety and well-being

Governmental institutions and nonprofits

Improve your ability to address issues of community safety and well-being. Advance your projects effectively. Participate effectively to reduce crimes and insecurity in a sustainable way. Access social innovation and expertise to strengthen funding applications (NPO’s). Train your teams in safety concepts.

Private companies and social enterprise

Apply a modern and sustainable approach to security for your operations and events. Participate in resolving safety and community well-being issues by supporting social initiatives. Train your teams in safety concepts

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We call the police too much

Canadian communities have failed when they allow an issue to devolve to the point of calling 911.

There are already resources available to us today to develop an internal capacity within these communities.

For perspective we draw comparisons to a similar issue that was addressed in north america in the mid 1960s and outline a roadmap of the next steps.


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