A social enterprise is an organization that uses common business practices, but instead of having profit as the primary goal, uses social objectives (e.g. the environment, community needs, social justice) as their primary purpose. Learn more...

What We Do?

Let’s work together!

PCS is a social enterprise whose mission is to sustainably empower communities in their safety and well-being operational needs. We founded and developed our organization to have the capacity to integrate with organizations and share capacity while they are in a period of growth or delivering new services and programs for their community. Learn more...

Governmental institutions and nonprofits

We bring the capacity and regulatory relationships to help bridge the gap between community based movements and established institutions. PCS carries all necessary certifications, practices and insurance policies that reinforce our role as a valuable partner for your organization. We work with you in your own context.

Small business and social enterprise

We work with you in your own context. We know the challenges faced on the front line when you're working to bring your purpose to the world. We'll jump in with you and start tackling any challenges your facing, leaving you with solid documentation and training to sustainably maintain the solution long-term.

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We call the police too much

Canadian communities have failed when they allow an issue to devolve to the point of calling 911.

There are already resources available to us today to develop an internal capacity within these communities.

For perspective we draw comparisons to a similar issue that was addressed in north america in the mid 1960s and outline a roadmap of the next steps.


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