Our Vision

We believe that there should not be a one-size-fits-all approach to community safety and sustainable well-being.

That is why we come up with new answers to each new situation. We don’t provide solutions, we create them.

At PCS, we have turned our passion into a profession: the creation of sustainable, multi-dimensional solutions for safety and well-being with direct and clear social benefits for communities. We are committed to the vision of a more fulfilled and healthy society, where well-being is a primary value for all. Our approach goes far beyond consultation and participation strategies.

It is inclusive because it focuses on the connections that hold an ecosystem together and develops a common understanding of the problems faced by a multitude of stakeholders, with different motivations.

We take an approach that transforms beneficiaries into actors because we believe that change comes from empowerment and the integrated solutions.

We are service providers and we work hand in hand with government institutions, community organizations, nonprofits, social enterprises and private companies. By being a vector for projects with social benefits, we participate by helping to put in place the necessary structures to make these projects a reality regardless of the resources available.

We are a company with a social vocation and our goal is to bring our expertise in safety and security to support government, social and private companies to create a sustainable impact. Each of us is ready to offer our expertise and help you write the next chapter for your community.


Ensuring Fair Pay with a Living Wage

According to the CCPA's website:

"The living wage is defined as the minimum hourly wage necessary for each of two workers in a family of four to meet basic needs and to participate in the civic/social life of their community. This means that this ‘reference family’, with both persons working full time, all year, with no additional income, should be able to afford a specified quality or quantity of housing, food, utilities, transport, health care, and recreation."

At PCS, we believe in paying a living wage to our employees because it is not just about surviving, but about having a decent quality of life. A living wage enables our employees to raise healthy and successful children, enjoy recreational activities, and actively participate in their social lives. It covers essential expenses such as food, shelter, transportation, education, and more.

We understand that paying a living wage is not only the right thing to do, but it also benefits our organization. By providing fair compensation, we create a more motivated and dedicated workforce, reducing turnover and fostering a stronger sense of community. We recognize that when employees are financially stable, they can fully contribute to our organization's success.

The concept of a living wage has gained momentum worldwide, as community activists have highlighted the growing poverty faced by employed workers and their families. They emphasize that paying a living wage benefits not only employees but also employers and the community as a whole. Employees are more willing to work, employers benefit from reduced turnover, and communities are strengthened when citizens have the means to lead decent and healthy lives.

We embrace the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and recognize our responsibility to society and the environment. By paying a living wage, we contribute to sustainable development, the welfare of society, and the expectations of stakeholders. We strive to be a socially responsible organization that considers the impacts of our decisions and activities on society, practicing transparency and ethical behavior.

Furthermore, we believe that paying a living wage aligns with human rights principles. It respects the rights of individuals, including those living in poverty. We are committed to conducting human rights due diligence and taking measures to prevent and mitigate any adverse impacts on the rights of those in need. Our aim is to establish grievance mechanisms that allow individuals or communities affected by our activities to voice their concerns and seek resolution.

As a socially responsible organization, we recognize our responsibilities to our employees and society at large. Paying a living wage is not only an ethical obligation, but it also contributes to a fairer and more sustainable future for all. Join us in our commitment to providing fair pay and promoting social justice in the workplace.