“We support nonprofits, government institutions, social enterprises and private companies to empower vulnerable communities through our expertise in security and our interest in community well-being”


Our services are provided in contexts where there are specifically challenging cultural components or as the first step to the longer term development of a sustainable security and well-being program.  Our organization serves as a ‘plug and play’ resource that allows small communities, organizations and nonprofits to leverage PCS’s resources : security services, expertise, consultants, lobbyists, government and regulator relationships as well as experience in implementing evidence based practices.

Our pillars of service

Audit & Research

The first step of the audit process is to gather all available information. This could be in scenarios where: there is already a fully operating program, there are already some security and well-being functions but no established structure, or there is a need to identify gaps within the otherwise functional organization.

After analyzing the available information, using in situ data validation and research; both from within the community as well as by comparing with relevant data from professional and academic resources, we will provide a recommendation for the implementation of a solution that is appropriate for the community or organization: either with existing evidence based solutions, or through creating a grassroots solution within the community


We leverage internationally recognized auditing standards with a focus on creating a sustainability roadmap for the community we are serving; as well as developing cultural competency to be able to properly serve the community.

Sustainability is an essential element of our programs. With the capacity for sustainability, programs use funding and resources effectively, build trust between the program and community, and maximize its capacity to provide services on an ongoing basis.

These elements are key differences between a program that succeeds long term and one that ultimately does not continue.

Using preliminarily established needs, we take stock of the available resources, set a reasonable implementation timeline and establish a working relationship with all stakeholders (internal, external and previously unknown) that were not part of the process before this point.

Training & Empowerment

Our team leverages over 30 years of field and instructor experience.

Knowledge transfer and appropriation of the solution by the community is the foundational goal of our work.

We pass on the sum of knowledge of a developed program and where applicable include the tools to eventually build capacity to administrate the necessary programs independently.


Our vision involves responding in the short term to the needs of your community so we come prepared to deploy our own personnel as we work with the community to develop the permanent solution.

Once the members of your community have been trained and empowered we quickly move to deploying these personnel while reducing the presence of our own.