We are PCS

Who We Are

Empowerment, dignity and fundamental rights for all, whatever the circumstances..

We are the only social enterprise specializing in community safety and well-being.

We are experts in security and guarantors of community wellness. We create security related programs that are grounded in the principle of community wellness.

We create sustainable solutions that serve vulnerable populations in exceptional circumstances.

We are service providers and we work hand in hand with government institutions, community organizations, social enterprises, nonprofits and private companies.

We are PCS, the Sustainable Solutions Factory for Communities.


What we do

. Conduct research and audits of the current situation

. Create sustainable solutions for safety and well-being, tailored to each context; using evidence based practices.

. Provide advice and consultation on community safety and well-being to para-governmental structures and nonprofits

. Optimize existing safety and wellness solutions for sustainable, economical and inclusive solutions

. Manage or support the implementation of sustainable solutions in the field

. Train existing teams on evidence based practices in community centered safety and wellness

. Educate and raise awareness of challenges surrounding community safety and well-being

How we work

We prefer working closely with the client community, keeping communication channels open to allow dynamic change and allowing the client community to be an essential part of the process. We first commit to entering your community and taking the necessary steps to develop our cultural competency; then we consult with community members and try to identify the roots of the challenge.

From there, we carefully combine evidence based practices in a way that best fits the particular community.

Our team

We are a team of experts who have been working together since 2014 and have found a common vision :
empowerment, dignity and fundamental rights for all, whatever the circumstances.

Arielle Dartigues


With over 5 years of experience in personnel, budget and resource management, Arielle is a passionate manager whose career has been strongly influenced by her training in applied psychology.

She believes in fair and equal access to well-being for all.

She is driven by her principles of equitous empowerment, accessible social support and belief in the impact of clear and healthy communication.

Arielle stands out for her ability to organize and inspire people and break down communication barriers. She thrives on the passion of life and the energy of people.

Ever ready to experience life, Arielle has many miles under her belt traveling within Canada and Europe.

Daniel Waycik

Co-Founder/Director of Operations

Over 10 years experience as a community safety specialist with a focus on human rights implementation, one brings a diverse background in safety, investigations, traffic management, change management, training development and public engagement.

Daniel applies these principles in all projects.

Often referring to ones self in reflections, one is the egghead of PCS; who cherishes those creative moments, barricades in the office for hours at a time to tackle a unique challenge; who is happiest being in the field and implementing a complex project.

Daniel is an enthusiast of public and active transportation.

Daniel rides a bicycle year-round (and whenever possible) and considers comparing different transportation infrastructure in exotic locations the best way to take a vacation.

In ones spare time, loves tinkering with mechanics or small electronics and listening to science, politics, history and philosophy in podcast form.

Paul Laporte

Director, Professional Standards & Training

With over 25 years experience in emergency services, primarily as a paramedic but also as a peace officer with previous law enforcement experience ranging from municipal, provincial and criminal law enforcement in predominantly rural settings with liaison and education roles in communities.

He also has experience with EMS as a paramedic, EMS coordinator, college program instructor and provincial licensing examiner.

He is currently an auxiliary police officer and maintains his paramedic license. Paul brings this unique multi-disciplinary perspective to his work in developing community safety operations from concept to implementation. A strong proponent of community empowerment and engagement.

Paul has developed and enhanced several training programs in his areas of expertise, training hundreds of front-line operational staff to provide efficient, effective and ethical services to their communities.

Paul is also recognized as a court-approved expert witness in event security management and incident response.

Cassidy Clement

Administrative Coordinator

Cassidy joined the PCS team in 2020, armed with a decade of customer service experience, event management and hospitality training. She fulfills an essential role as personnel manager, handling the day-to-day communications, program management, client relationships and scheduling.

She is in the process of completing her Business Administration diploma at Red River College, augmenting her education with practical experience.

Cass views the world with an empathetic lens, driven to advocate for those living with mental illness and encourage mental wellness and mindfulness.