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  • Community Safety Hosts Program
    PCS is a project partner, providing the current employment component of the Community Safety Hosts initiative, which is led by Fearless R2W and emerged from a 2-year Housing Solutions Lab. Other project partners include NECRC and the Winnipeg Public Libraries. The purpose is to create an alternative professional to conventional security services, better suited to … Read more
  • Safe Failure
    Sometimes failure can positively influence an individuals’ performance at work and improve their work efficiency. However, it is important to know the core reason for failure and how to overcome these obstacles.
  • Pick Your MVP
    In the world of social impact, we go out of our way to give equitable opportunity to everybody at the table… but sometimes you just need to choose an MVP.
  • Authority is Overrated
    Authority is often needed, but, it should never be the first thing we defer to. There are many better tools that can be used before authority is ever needed…
  • Kicking Stones
    With the realities of life during the last year, “just kicking stones” has really taken on a whole new meaning…